[Solution]Barclays Mobile Banking isn’t compatible Galaxy s7 rg030 error

Today I had an issue with Barclays mobile banking. Essentially the app had stopped working, requesting I do an update to proceed, giving me an RG030 error. When I try to update it says ‘your device is not compatible with this version’.

I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and it appears to be an error prone to these devices. I’ve not looked into the reasons too much but a semi-educated assumption from discussions I’ve had with some of their tech team; leads me to believe it’s related to either firmware versions, versions of google play or a related service (if you try installing it on a rooted device you’re out of luck, they check this kind of thing and prevent it).

The Solution presented to me, as bizarre as it may sound is as follows

  1. Turn on Flight mode
  2. Then enable wifi
  3. Restart the phone
  4. Wipe the google play store cache and data
    This can be done through the
    Settings -> Apps ->Google Play store -> Storage -> Clear Data
  5. Restart the phone
  6. Install the update for Barclays mobile banking

This worked for me. I do have the latest firmware for my Galaxy S7 Edge

Also suggested was to ensure that the date and time of your phone was correct (i.e. you’re getting net time not one set manually, no VPN’s or proxies and also to re enter your play store details

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