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Linq Pattern Maker

A useful tool that generates code using reflection. Code generated by this application allows for caching,; serialization and control over a Linq/DBML class.

Mass Downloader

An in house tool that can download in batch a group of files from a collaboration website.

Easy MD5Crypt

A class to quickly and easily hash a string using a private key. I must end up using this tool in all of the projects i work on, it makes cryptography ten times easier.

News Analyzer

Sentimental analysis is an up and coming branch of NLP. This program analyzes collections of news articles vs terms and weights them depending on a summarized collection. Its purpose is to get a graphical representation of opinions.


A Development tool to quickly and rapidly create classes, using reflection. These classes connect straight to the database, and use caching for optimization.

WebWord Document

Microsoft Word is the standard in document authoring. The HTML output of Word is inadequate; this tool takes the links, the headings and other unsupported features and renders them as an optimized web page.

Extract With Sessions

Extracting data from websites can be tricky, this tool is designed to replicate a web browser, to a fine degree. This ensures that data can be extracted from almost any website.

Link Checker

The production of any documentation that references other documents or files needs to have links. Link Checker ensures that all links are relative and work.


This tool has saved me hours upon hours of DOM Scripting. HTML2Dom takes HTML and renders it to usable Java Script/Dom.

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