Calculate a fraction in javascript

Calculating a fraction from a double in javascript The following code will allow you to calculate a fraction in javascript function getFraction(dblValue, dblTolerance) { var f0 = 1 / dblValue; var f1 = 1 / (f0 – Math.floor(f0)); var a_t = Math.floor(f0); var a_r = Math.round(f0); var b_t = Math.floor(f1); var b_r = Math.round(f1); var Calculate a fraction in javascript

Javascript Dynamic Event

Javascript Dynamic Events / Javascript Custom Events I often asked myself: How do I create a custom event in javascript? Something I have been using for quite awhile now is my own custom event handler for javascript, it’s pretty simple compact and easy to use To use; just copy the devent function to the page Javascript Dynamic Event

Copying Data Between/Within Tables in Sql

Simple method of copying data between tables or within the same table in SQL. The following can be used to copy data within its own table, altering fields as required: INSERT INTO Table1 ( [Some_Id], ,[Position] ,[Name] ,[Description] ,[LastAction] ) SELECT 954 as Some_Id, ,[Position] ,[Name] ,[Description] ,[LastAction] FROM Table1 where Some_Id = 52 The Copying Data Between/Within Tables in Sql

Dungeon Master Javascript

Could this be the height of my retro 80’s/90’s gaming obsession I hear you ask? Well quite possibly..probably not though. Dungeon Master Javascript is my version of the 80’s classic Dungeon Master By FTL Games. The entire ‘game’ is written in javascript and CSS, it should be CSS2 compliant but I have used a few Dungeon Master Javascript